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About Spark Education

At Spark Education, we aim to provide the best learning experience and educational outcomes for students by combining world-class educational expertise with technology. We believe that learning should be fun, and by inspiring a love for learning, we help students achieve their full potential.

Our Courses


Spark Chinese

5-10 years old

The Spark Chinese programme offers an interactive and engaging curriculum which provides a conducive environment for your children to learn Chinese naturally. 
The character recognition and Pinyin programmes help students recognise, write and pronounce Chinese characters respectively, hence setting the conditions for them to develop a strong foundation for learning Chinese in primary school and beyond.


Spark Math

5-8 years old

Spark Math is our award-winning Math programme. Our highly-qualified teaching team deliver an effective and fun-filled learning experience to help children build numeracy skills, master key concept and excel in Math competitions and exams.

Our Vision

To become a global pioneer and industry leader in foundational learning.





Our Mission

Spark passion for learning, ignite lifelong growth.





Our Values



We are passionate about education, with children at the heart of what we do. We proactively seek feedback from our parents to ensure we provide an optimal learning experience.



We embrace change and opportunities for growth through a culture of open communication and mutual respect across all teams and cultures. We respond to challenge with innovation.



We take ownership, break down silos, continuously align our goals and work together towards our shared vision.




We are resilient and put forth our best effort to strive towards becoming the best version of ourselves.




Meet Our Team

Spark's student-centric, highly experienced and passionate educators embody our ideals of student-centricity, open-mindedness and  collaborativeness. They have a desire for achievement. 

Our teaching team live and work at the edge of innovation and creativity to deliver effective and engaging lessons so as to develop our students into creative, confident, and resilient learners.



Why Spark Education?


Highly interactive learning experience

Our proprietary EdTech courseware is designed to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience. Lessons feature animation and digital tools that nurture critical thinking.

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Tailor-made programmes for primary school children

Gain insights on your child’s cognitive, learning and academic needs with our pre-entry assessments. Our programme is personalised to fit every child's needs to help them improve and excel.

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A co-operative & collaborative learning experience

Our shared learning experience encourages a safe environment for students to interact with each other, whilst sharing strengths and making progress together.



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